Tom Sweetland

Tom is a documentary filmmaker and content director with a passion for real stories. He started at the BBC, where he trained as a self-shooting director, before making the leap into branded and digital content. He’s gone on to direct campaigns for clients including Samsung, Huawei, and Uber.

His documentary ‘King of the Arena’ was nominated for Best Cinematography at the Lift Off Festival.

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This doesn’t need to end / Cadbury / VCCP

This film was made as a response to the COVID-19 lockdown.  We wanted to tell the stories behind our empty streets, focusing on how personal relationships are being forged and strengthened between friends, family, neighbours and loved ones. Teaming up with VCCP this commercial film explores the generous acts we are seeing in society, and champions them to the extent that we lobby for these behaviours to remain when Covid-19 has gone.

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King of the Arena / Nat Geo

King of the Arena is a portrait of Domou Walo, one of many young men fighting for a better life in Senegal. From a family of wrestlers, Domou believes that wrestling represents a better future for his family, his disabled father, and himself. 

The film was featured on National Geographic’s Short Film Showcase.

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Need to Knows / Samsung & BBH

Part of a series of tutorials featuring real people explaining new functions on the Samsung S9, there was a documentary approach taken to filming – as though the camera was just dropping in on normal everyday life.

The piece was positioned on Samsung’s online platforms.

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Weapons of Mass Production / Topic

This documentary looks at the long-lasting strategic relationship between the UK and Saudi Arabia, and through a small Lancashire community financed by the creation of fighter jets used in Yemen’s civil war, poses the question: ‘are jobs made at home more important than lives lost abroad?’

The local residents, as well as ex-employees, share their thoughts on the matter, finding a community often polarised by opposing views and perspectives – not least when two anti-war activists attempt to destroy a fighter jet on sale to Saudi Arabia. 

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Formula E The Next Generation / Iris Worldwide

Using traditional observational documentary techniques, this piece was filmed on location in Zagreb. This film follows the team from KODE Media & Iris as they create a unique commercial to celebrate the launch of the Next Generation Formula E Racing Car.

This is an excerpt from the original 26-minute TV documentary.

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The Collection / The Ivy

To celebrate the launch of the new Ivy Collection restaurants, two films were commissioned. One to showcase the wonderful food and service on offer to tempt potential diners through the door. And the second to look at life backstage in the kitchen, intended to attract top level chefs to apply for jobs with the chain.

The film was made over the course of one busy week – capturing the energy and ambiance of the restaurant, shot in six locations all over the country – using high-end camera equipment to film tracking shots, macro photography and timelapses. 


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The Twilight Economy / Huawei

In conjunction with the major new release of the Huawei P20 Pro Twilight phone, Tom created a 3 minute editorial film that captures real stories from Britain’s “twilight workers”.

Each fascinating story features an insight into an individual who is burning the midnight oil to realise their passion project.

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