Tee Byford

Tee Byford is an emerging director, who has worked alongside brands like Adidas, Nike, and Ford, as well as being commissioned by Channel 4 for a five-part documentary series.

Having made documentaries about drift car drivers in Somerset, or animals on the brink of extinction in the USA, his work often looks at community and environment, and in particular the places that exist on the fringes of society.

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What It Means To Be ‘Made Local’ / Carling x Wilfried Zaha

This project was made for Carling as part of their Made Local campaign, looking at the much-coveted Premier League attacker Wilfred Zaha, focusing on the player’s life growing up in the shadow of Selhurst Park in Croydon. Examining exactly what it’s like being a local lad playing for the local team.

The culture of the area goes under the microscope as locals talk about the reality of life growing up in Croydon, and Zaha also takes time to pay his old family home a visit

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In close collaboration with the artist, it was decided that the “Through the Darkness” video would open up questions about race and identity in the modern world. 

The film explores the inherently bias nature of Artificial intelligence and facial recognition software, which is particularly problematic around race. 

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Commissioned by Puma, this was to be a documentary exploring the rich history of AC Milan’s ultras – from their late-60s roots, to their current standing as some of the most notorious football fans in the world.

With limited access to archive footage, much of the filming was done using 8mm and DV cameras to give the film a historical feel.

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The New Ford Mustang / Ogilvy

This film about the new Ford Mustang was shot on location just outside Barcelona. 

The plan was to develop the stylistic qualities of more traditional commercials, while also showcasing the car as a beast that needs to be tamed. This was achieved via a mixture of epic drone shots and considered macro shots.

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USA Womens football team / Nike

The brief was to create a set of short films to champion the forthcoming Woman’s World Cup.  

The films – animated, fast-paced reworkings of archived interviews – were shown on numerous social platforms to highlight the quality and strength of some of the best players coming to the tournament. Not least the USA’s winning captain, Megan Rapinoe. 

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