Simon Lane

Simon started out directing live performances, music videos, and music docs, working with some of the biggest stars around, including: Foals, Rudimental, Metronomy, Disclosure, and Justice.

He’s maintained his passion for live music films , while also focusing on making intimate character driven documentaries. His recent film Borderlands was accepted into the 2019 Aesthetica Short Film Festival and his performance video for Daughter’s All I Wanted was nominated for a UKMVA. 

Over the last few years he has worked on commercial projects for Guinness, Nikon, Visa Levis and Adidas.

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People of Angola

Whilst in Angola for three weeks capturing the people and places for Euronews, Simon produced eight TV commercials to promote everything from tourism to trade. The scenes captured in this film did not fit into the TVC format so Simon decided to make this anthropological film.

Featured on Vimeo Staff Picks

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Tag Heuer / Aquaracer

Tag Heuer launched a new campaign #dontcrackunderpressure to introduce their new watch the Aqua Racer. We followed six influencers to the Scottish Highlands as they take on physical challenges whilst taking time to reflect on the pressures of modern life.
Filmed across two days in the most remote part of the UK we see Reggie Yates, Sophie Everard, Wayne Bridge, Damson Idris, Amiee Fuller and Andrew Cooper in this documentary-style social campaign.

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Black Saint / Day Drinking

Black Saint have enlisted Icelandic vocal sensation BrÍet for Day Drinking, and in the video by Simon Lane, we see BrÍet and friends enjoying day-to-day life amid the rugged landscapes of Iceland.

They take a road trip, on a day where the sun never truly sets. The scenery looks magical, and the simple narrative invites us to focus on the natural beauty on-screen. There is an air of calm to the whole visual, not only in the setting, but also in the slow, deliberate camera movements, and hypnotising performance from BrÍet.

The organic feel of the majority of the video is juxtaposed nicely with a more stylised, fashion-inspired performance setup. And Simon Lane’s video finds greatness in small moments – whether it be a sweeping drone shot of the gorgeous scenery, or holding a take for a couple of seconds between lyrics, allowing us to see fleeting snapshots of BrÍet’s vulnerable side.

A lovely video that is elevated by its unique location and considered artistry.



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Borderlands / CHANNEL 4

A personal project, inspired by Simon’s trip to the Norwegian arctic.

It involved taking a Super 16mm film camera to the Arctic to shoot one day on the Russian side, and another on the Norwegian side. Separated by 25 miles of white nothingness they reveal two contrasting perspectives, as well as an intriguing insight into the surprising normality of arctic life.

The film was broadcast on Channel 4 in the UK and selected for the Aesthetica film festival 2019

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A one-shot live version of Daughter’s ‘All I Wanted’, which finds the lead singer Elena Tonra not joined by the usual guitars and drums that accompany the track, but by string and vocal quartets in the Asylum Chapel in Peckham, South London.  

The chapel provided the perfect backdrop for a performance of real intimacy, and no editing was required for the final film. It was nominated for a UKMVA in the Best Live and Interactive category.

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The Rose Breeder / Unilever

Filmed in the famous Grasse region in the south of France, where many of the world’s most recognised fragrances are created and produced, this film tracks the creation of a new scent by the brand Comfort.

Working with a prestigious family of rose breeders, the aim was to bring to life the romanticism of creating something sensual and alluring from three different types of roses, each one selected for its own unique qualities.

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Nikon wanted to introduce their entry level DSLR to some of the best Instagram photographers around, so they commissioned Clouded Vision to make a series of films about amateur snappers, to capture them viewing their worlds through a new lens.

After casting the subjects and documenting their lives, this became a four-part series with a branded partnership in the popular weekly, Shortlist.

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To coincide with the latest Guinness commercial, Simon directed four films around The Legacy of John Hammond – the American record producer, civil rights activist, and music critic. 

Each film – featuring Rudimental, Lianne La Havas, Lady Leshurr and Foals – focuses on a UK based musician reflecting on Hammond’s incredible achievements.

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