Jackson specialises in making films for and about musicians, whether that’s music videos, live sessions, or concerts using multiple cameras. Over the years he’s worked with some of the planet’s biggest recording artists, including: Dua Lipa, James Bay, New Order, Kelis, Jess Glynne, John Legend, Blondie, and Nile Rodgers.

In that time he’s earned a reputation as a creative and innovative thinker, who is able to draw on a wealth of experience and influences when collaborating with his clients.

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Amy MacDonald “Fire” / BMG

It tells the story of two best friends who live on the same estate. They’re both frustrated by the circumstances they find themselves in, one is hindered by a strained relationship with her mother after the loss of her father, while the other is on the verge of losing her dead-end job. Together they make a rush for freedom. The inspiration and redemptive narrative is captured with a gritty yet elegant aesthetic that recalls the work of acclaimed Scottish filmmakers Andrea Arnold (‘Fish Tank’) and Lynne Ramsay (‘Morvern Callar’).

Jackson commented, “Even though ‘Fire’ is ostensibly a love song, I felt it was just as appropriate to create a narrative about female friendship for this video. It’s been a tough year but friendship is one of the things that’s made this time bearable for so many of us. So this video is really a love letter to the power of friendship. Working with Amy is a dream, she’s a brilliant performer and her songwriting and vocals are so powerful. It’s been a great privilege and pleasure to collaborate with her on this video.”

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Balcony “Pink Hair, Green Eyes” / Parlophone

The plan was to introduce Balcony to a wider audience via a visually stunning video, using a lo-fi FX palette to lend it a really trippy, other-wordly feel. 

Made in collaboration with the wonderful animator, Greedy Goons, it may have had a shoestring budget, but the results speak for themselves. 

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Grace Carter “Silhouette” / Polydor

Armed with a brief to create a beautiful and emotionally powerful performance video, Jackson opted for impactful simplicity – using just two sky panels and a soft key light to complement an emotive rendition of the song.

Shot on the same day as two more music videos with Grace, there wasn’t time to go again take after take, but there was no need to anyway. Grace nailed it. 1.2 million Youtube views are testament to that.

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Dua Lipa “IDGAF” / Warner

Dua Lipa’s live performances are powered by her star wattage and the plan was to capture the energy of these shows in a cinematic collage worthy of the performer. 

Filmed across two live gigs, and undertaken in close collaboration with Dua and her team, a mixture of film formats (16mm and Super 8) were used to create the final product. 1million Youtube hits later, it’s the perfect showcase for the star’s talents.

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Ritual “No Escape Out Of Time” / Island Records

As a long-form project, Jackson was tasked with coming up with a visual aesthetic that could bleed beyond a single video, into social content, photography, and future videos too.

It was carried out on a fairly tight budget, but with a highly motivated team in place, it all came together during a particularly chilly week in Kent. The full film was performed live alongside the band’s gig at London’s roundhouse. 

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